MB-339 for Prepar3D v4/v5 update avalaible, with Christmas 30% discount!

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We’re here to announce the avalaibility of a new update for MB-339. Here a brief changelog respect to first release of August 2020:

  • tooltips: 99% of tooltips now show correct informations in nice format
  • HSI knobs: when using mouse wheel, the step is 1 degree as default, but increasing the speed increases also the step to 5 and 20, in order to make more comfortable moving to higher degrees
  • 2D radio/GPS panels: in order to simplify setting radios, left clicking on frame of VOR, TACAN, ADF and GPS toggles the corresponding 2D panel
  • embedded checklist: now a checklist with truly clickable check buttons is present inside the simulator kneedboard
  • improved flight dynamics: .air and .cfg has been updated after a review with our beta testers, providing now a more realistic flight experience
  • smoke system: for PAN version we have provided a complete smoke system, with both white and colored smokes
  • light system: dimmerable light for instruments, console, VHF, UHF repeater panel, DME repeater panel. Improved beacon and nav lights
  • annunciator panel: cleaned texture to improve readibility
  • canopy: correct behaviour for lock lever and semi-open position
  • seat belts: now they can be shown/hidden for a better view of instruments

As usual, MB-339 product can be found in shop, with a Christmas 30% discount!


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